Ridiculous Halloween Knockoff Costumes

13 thoughts on “Ridiculous Halloween Knockoff Costumes”

  1. They are created so poorer parents can provide their children with costumes that don’t cost a fortune.
    They are essentially the same as expensive costumes but with cheapo names to lower the price tag.
    You may as well be mocking low-income families.

  2. Taim,
    The funny part isn’t the costumes or that they are cheap. No one cares about that or thinks these are bad costumes. It’s the hilarious names.
    Blue speed mouse
    Orphan witch boy
    Dead parents hero.
    How can you not see that these names are amusing.

  3. …Because Taim is sooo OFFENDED he/she/it had to comment. It’s the internal SJW inside him/her/it that can’t be fought off….
    Heed the words of the oh so high and mighty Taim or forever endure his/.her/its shaming!

  4. The names are sooo bad and they are such obvious knock-offs. But reading Taim’s comment well, if I was a parent and my kid wanted to dress up as Batman, choices being a batman costume that was poor quality and cost $50 or one that was slightly poorer quality and cost $20, I’d probably go the cheaper one. Considering the kid will likely only wear it a few times anyway it’s a good compromise.

  5. Ah, Rembrand the frog. I used to have his action figure back in the day.

  6. Cats > Dead Parents Hero > Dr. Manhattan > Superman > Goku

  7. That is the Saddest Comment I have ever read. Mocking low Income Families? Happy Trolling! :)

  8. I usually send the young-uns out with a few rolls of TP and a carton of eggs.

  9. That’s especially sad considering the majority of these are adult costumes. Perhaps it’s time for the parents buying costumes for their adult children to cut the cord and make them move out of the basement.

  10. Wrong. Cats > nothing.

  11. I like Pube Scented Frog costume.


  13. Wow you sure were rustled!

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