Dumb Chinese Character Tattoos That Make No Sense

13 thoughts on “Dumb Chinese Character Tattoos That Make No Sense”

  1. Which one of these is Rattus and which one is Dat?

  2. My only tattoo is a fleur-de-lis.

  3. I have a Tattoo of my Bum on my Bum in case I forget what it is

  4. I also have a Tattoo of my name on my wrist just in case I get Alzheimers

  5. When you get Alzheimers, you will forget how to read. Wasted ink.

  6. “I don’t eat meat but me bite” actually kind of makes sense.

  7. I searched for the symbol for ‘rice’ and it is not like the one above. Are any of these true?

  8. 88 will get you banned at a lot of sites.

  9. I don’t have any tattoos. And I prefer it that way.

  10. Hitler was a vegetarian. Makes sense.

  11. 1: correct – although the character is incorrectly drawn(菜)
    2: almost – pork fried rice
    3: gibberish, not a character
    4: correct
    5: correct
    6: unsure of the first character, second is correct
    7: correct (or prostitute)
    8: correct (but very highly stylized)
    9: unsure – first character correct, last two are unreadable
    10: forcing people into service/power/s**t – maybe it’s meant to say pimp?
    11: unknown – last character (sperm) is correct
    12: almost correct: “I don’t eat meat, but I bite” is better
    13: correct
    14: correct
    15: correct
    16: correct, but makes no sense to me
    17: correct (or rapidly stupid?)
    18: ride die (free death ride?)
    19: correct (or metal instead of gold) and pig is upside down
    20: correct
    21: correct
    22: correct
    23: coffin man
    24: no idea
    25: ice , power, I am slow,
    26: no idea
    27: sheep,

  12. Thanks! That was very helpful.

  13. 10.


    actually means ‘Ralf is a bitch’

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