Street Art Monsters by Aiden Glynn

Aiden Glynn adds googly eyes and sharp teeth to street objects, instantly giving them unique funny monster faces.

7 thoughts on “Street Art Monsters by Aiden Glynn”

  1. Ah, who cares… do more US vs EU stuff. That gets attention.

  2. LOL

  3. that’s art nowadays?

  4. No that’s not Art, Art had to work today.

  5. For me, these have to pass the ‘Muppet Test’. If one of these pics makes me think that it could be a muppet monster, then it counts as art because it stimulates my imagination. Not all of these pics do that for me. But then again they might for someone else and the ones I find ‘muppet-esque’ might not. Art is subjective like that.

  6. No kidding! It’s like someone didn’t get the memo that art had to be stuffy and boring. Whimsy? What the hell is next, literature that is entertaining to read? Buncha ******** ruining everything right in the world.

  7. some good, some, not so much…

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