This What Drug Dealers Really Look Like (According To Stock Photo Sites)

14 thoughts on “This What Drug Dealers Really Look Like (According To Stock Photo Sites)”

  1. My drug dealer looks nothing like them; mine wears a white coat and gets paid by massive corporations to push their drugs onto the public -and all legally.

  2. Do you mean your doctor? using the drugs that have cost the massive corporation decades and billions of dollars to invent and produce so your life can be saved? Is that the drug dealer you mean?

  3. How come most of them are white?

  4. You mean they should be black? You are racist.

  5. @ph how many people do these legal drug pushers and for-profit pharmceutical companies kill every year? Is that just considered collateral damage?

  6. Huh- uh you’re the racist one for assuming he meant black. Racist.

  7. Exactly. Most, if not all people who die in hospital are given some sort of legal drug. That would imply some 90% of the worlds population die while on these legal drugs. And since im not a statistician, you know im not making that figure up!

  8. pharmaceutical industry is a huge business you know and if you just add simple logic, what comes with bigger profit, long term therapy or a short term cure? of course they need some visible results but they do not intend to cure you for good.

  9. @Mojo I donĀ“t know where you get your drugs, but I get cured every time

  10. @Groot : He meant white and he said so. You are racist
    @Watchdog : Why black? Why not yellow or red? You are racist
    @Bigot : Why acknowledge racists? You are racist

  11. Holy shit, it’s like a dumbass tornado above my comment…..

  12. If I were dying and a legal drug made by one of these companies might save my life… damn skippy I’m taking it. Might it kill me, maybe, but I still drive, and I’m pretty sure the statistics of auto-related death is much worse than legal drug deaths

  13. @Bigot- You’re such a conceited bigot! *wink-wink* XD

  14. So, most of the drug dealers wear hoodies?

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