Millennial Anti-Theft Device



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  1. And I thought this was an anti-theft device to prevent theft by US Americans.

    • Just another bitter European……

    • Why would I be bitter? Because, from what I know, in the USA the vast majority of people drive cars with automatic transmission? You really must be a sad person, if you think that this could make another person bitter.

    • I recently met an American who can actually use manual. What are the odds?

    • Deplorable July 10, 2018

      Drive a Fiat smashing 1986 F150 truck with millennial anti-theft device, hand cannon, fishing rod and MAGA hat.

    • Deplorable, I am intrigued to see your Fiat F150 truck. Guess you meant a Fiat 500, which with all due respect, is not a truck at all. Be careful when firing that hand cannon though. The blowback might shoot you into another orbit.

  2. Here’s another shocker EUro, my granddaughter – 22 yoa – drives a manual shift car. She learned to drive one from the start. BTW, she is a U.S. citizen.

    • I am not EUro, but I guess he/she, too, knows that not ALL US Americans are allowed to drive automatic only. But most are, by far. So, there is nothing shocking about a few who actually drive manual shift cars, not at all. Why would there be shock?

      By the way, the anti-theft device depicted won’t work in most if not all European countries as we mainly learn to drive on manual shift cars how to drive, even millenials. Guess you knew this already anyway and that you are now not shocked.

  3. Standards are more fun but autos make drinking beer easier.

  4. Going the way of the pay phone and public diving board. Shit happens

  5. That jeep is less than 12 years old, I wonder if they realize that several millennials probably helped build that vehicle?

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