Little Known Fact About The Statue of Liberty

13 thoughts on “Little Known Fact About The Statue of Liberty”

  1. No, the pose is absolutely correct for a French lady of liberty, it’s just that the French would like her to show more skin:
    An overdressed statue fits better in puritanical USA.

  2. 15 years later and the US still can’t get over the fact that France was right about invading Iraq.

  3. You mean the Islamic Republic of Francistan?
    Look forward, dhimmi.

  4. While technically correct, the present-day French severely lack her bravery, both symbolically and in practice. Tant pis, baybee.

  5. the RWers got over 70 yrs of Russia as the Evil Empire quickly enough. Now they deny the fact that Russia diddled with the election, and they can do no wrong, I guess Republicans think it’s just our allies & cherished values that deserved to be ridiculed.

  6. Vous ĂȘtes AmĂ©ricains ingrate! Nous reprendrons notre statue!

  7. Take it. It’s a bitch to clean and liberty is not what it once was.

  8. U.S. is part of russia now. Like Crimea.

  9. You must be kin to Pepe LePew, he was also a skunk.

  10. Come GET IT… ******.

  11. Originaly there was a second part of the statue. Kauf Buch at top if the torch, sitting, pleasure in his face.

  12. 241 years and the US can’t get over the fact that the French largely won the War of Independence for them (with troops, loans, guns and actual deployment of soldiers) because they were bitter about the British winning the 7 Years War and kicking them out of Canada and India.

  13. 72 years and the French still can’t get over the fact that the US kicked the invading Germans out of France. Twice.

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