I Bet You Know At Least One Such Parent

The "I can't pay for my kids' school lunch, we can barely make ends meet" starter pack.

13 thoughts on “I Bet You Know At Least One Such Parent”

  1. They are just called addicts. And most likely vote for Trump whos politics harm their situation more.

  2. I know. I can’t understand why this type of person would vote for Trump when Dems would support them forever.

  3. Don’t forget gaming and property owners.

  4. You are not wrong eon, and it is baffling. The genius is getting people to vote against their own self interest. https://bloom.bg/2Ib7lb0

  5. It’s impressive how libtards make up stories to label who don’t vote democrats, then they really start believing the stories they made up and then act surprise how someone would do something they made up 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Wha you on about!?… that’s a cracking Friday night right here!

  7. Not making up that the highest percentages of opioid abusers and welfare recipients live in Red States, and that the greatest contributions to the government coffers come from the Blue States. So yes, in general, Liberals are supporting conservatives and conservatives are whining about that fact and voting against their own best interests. Conservatives are prett stupid.

  8. @eon The support is for the children, not for their parents. But what would a good christian Trump voter know about the care for others. Maga.

  9. As the unemployment rate in the US continues to fall, perhaps the Trump supporters would rather trade their food stamps for jobs. If they believe Trump is good for the economy, then they are voting in their best interest. Not everyone wants a handout.

  10. *snort* Yeah. Opioid addicts are totally looking for jobs.

  11. How in your puny mind do you equate every Trump voter to an opioid addict? Don’t you have a protest to go to?

  12. Indeed. Everybody knows there are two types of Trump voters. Opioid addicts and opioid sellers.

  13. Funny, there was a vote to reduce the penalty for heroin and other drugs and it was voted for by residents in the city (firmly democrat) and voted against by people in the suburbs. Everyone knows democrats love their drugs.

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