The Perfect Compliment No Woman Can Resist


Looking for the perfect compliment that will make her fall in love with you 100% of the time every time? You’re in luck! Try this out and let us know in the comments how did it go! P.S. Don’t hold this site responsible if you get kicked in the face.

Looking for the perfect compliment that will make her fall in love with you 100% of the time every time? You're in luck! Try this out right now!


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  1. MSNBC Yasmin Vossoughian February 11, 2023

    I got myocarditis shortly after getting the mRNA GMO and the common cold. But think how much worse it could have been if I hadn’t taken the mRNA GMO.

    My favorite type of stars are black dwarfs. Cold, dense and not very bright.

  2. Cold, dense and not very bright — that is you.

  3. Aww, Thank you. Sounds like she wasn’t impressed with him.

  4. In my parents generation it would be considered a great complement for a woman. In my generation however it would be taken as a tease. People at the age of my younger sibling would feel offended by such a remark and my kids would probably just react with an „ok boomer“ while staring at their little screen.
    Let’s see if you can find out how old I am.

  5. I’d beat off in her hair.

  6. Nowadays, if you are capable of identifying your own sex by looking between your legs, you are not considered bright. You are considered a homophobic racist right-wing bigot.
    The oldest hominins are thought to have appeared as early as 7 million B.C. Apparently, they are all now considered to be homophobic racist right-wing bigots because of libtards’ “sudden enlightenment” over the past few years. Keep the dream alive!!! Support the right to be miserable clueless people who attempt to make themselves happy by making others be miserable and clueless. Live the dream! As the old saying goes, “Misery loves company.”

    • Non binary queer (xe/xer) February 12, 2023

      How dare you say I’m a male just because I have chromosomes XY, a pen*s, test**les, male bone structure, naturally male hormones, can parallel park, etc.

    • I wouldn’t consider both of you even human. Not because of your fake comments but because of your personalities. Yikes.

    • The Anon before me has pronouns in bio

    • Your whole long screed is a self own.

    • “Misery loves company.” That’s why there is the GOP.

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