How to Get Beat Up at Cinema

12 thoughts on “How to Get Beat Up at Cinema”

  1. OK I’m not an obese nerd, someone please explain?

  2. That’s the ship from Battlestar Galactica, not Star Wars.

  3. Thanks, I feel much more educated now.

  4. That VCF stripe down the center on the left fallopian tube is centered too high. That would create a updraft vortex and warp speed would not be possible. Therefore that Prawn mothership would just fly in a mobius pattern and barely reach 88 mph let produce the 1.21 gigawatts needed.

  5. @Bok
    Nice troll.
    its from star trek

  6. Bloody hell, no one will beat you up. Everyone will laugh with you. Nerds don’t beat up anyone. That are those other guys from the sports team. The kids their parents put into the sport teams to learn social behavior and control their aggression.
    Let me tell you that, parents. It won’t work. If your kid is a douchebag it will become a well skilled one in the team. Cause sport teachers are sadistic douchebags too. A master and his apprentices. Even other teachers know that. But they are not allowed to tell you. They actually don’t see them as teachers at all.
    It’s the same all over the world. Ask anyone from any country. Ask teachers.

  7. EUro, what on earth are you smoking?

  8. I’ve never smoked in my life. What do you mean?
    Never had a fire accident. So I can’t even make a funny joke about me smoking in other ways… :-/

  9. Joe Bob and me talked it over. We think EUro may not be into sports as a player. Probably never kicked a football across a pitch. But, he favours the Croydon Football Club.
    Hey EUro, how’s by you?

  10. The original also contains quote: Use the force, Harry! – Gandalf

  11. I can kick a ball, that’s not so hard. But you are right. Sports are not mine. Bores me out. Yet, according to my doctor I am perfectly fine.
    Croydon… had to look that up.

  12. Add a picture of Patrick Stewart.

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