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  1. Kauf Buch June 21, 2017

    That works better if you paint the Enterprise pink, like in the film, “Operation Petticoat.”

    • And please tell not all Borgs are bad and we should take no actions but accept and move forward.

    • Kauf Buch June 22, 2017

      To Hein
      And remember: “assimilation” is just another word for UNITY!

  2. Read the same message from some politicians in Twitter.
    But news have more info about the policeman attacked, currently in stable condition.

  3. American In Vienna June 22, 2017

    American reaction: “Let’s bomb a random country with hard-to-spell name, and then bitch how nobody’s helpung us!!! ‘Murica!!”

    • And then make fun about those countries who take up the refugees from those bombed out countries. By the way, ‘Murica, thanks for destabilising half of the Arab world with your bombs.

    • Kauf Buch June 22, 2017

      Both of you fools conveniently ignore the fact that islam – since its viral inception – has been at war with the rest of the world…if you ever bothered to read their “holy” books, you’d already know it’s commanded by their pedophile prophet and false gawd.

    • Yes, Kauf, and so has Christianity. Seem to be a religion thing to be at war with the rest of the world.
      I know a thing or two about the Christian’s holy book. Oh dear, oh dear.

    • Kauf Buch June 22, 2017

      Poor, widdle auntie:
      You fail to look at PRACTICE of the faith.
      In reality, you know NOTHING of the faith,
      just its “sales pitch”. HYPOCRITE.
      “The thing that must be understood is that moderates do not disavow radicals. Rather they bridge the gap between the radicals and the larger society, justifying their ends, and eventually their means, while pretending to disavow them. Radicals reject any dialogue. Moderates emphasize dialogue.
      Moderates will verbally reject the means with which an end is pursued. Accordingly they will reject terrorism. They may even claim to reject the ends, such as an ideological dictatorship, but they will, in good fellowship, ask you to accept their premise which inevitably leads to the acceptance of both the ends and the means.
      For example, moderates on the left and in Islam will ask you to accept that terrorism is caused by American foreign policy. Once you have accepted this premise, then you have partially justified terrorism.”

    • Kauf Buch June 22, 2017

      Auntie, you can take your moral relativism and SHOVE IT.
      You, the Left, and islam are in bed together:
      “The real threat is always the subversion of the moderates. The challenge then becomes the need to expose the false facade of the moderates. This leads to a push-pull struggle. The moderates cry that they are being unfairly victimized by hateful people. There are shouts of red-baiting and McCarthyism, profiling and bigotry. Their critics are paranoid and unhinged. The moderates even assert that there is something ugly and “Un-American” about asking them to account for their agenda.
      And this is really the core argument made by the two allied subversive ideologies. It is “ugly” to expose their views, to quote them, to bring them to the surface. It is intolerant. It’s not the way that respectable people should behave. And the moderates, who pose as respectable people precisely to play on the weakness of the middle class for being respectable, understand that this is the ultimate weapon.
      Respectable people do not accuse the friendly Imam on the block of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood or promoting Jihadist texts. They do not accuse the cheerful teacher in the school whom everyone likes of pushing anti-American views on her students. That is not respectable behavior.
      And moderates, who pretend to be respectable, excel at pushing the respectable shame button.
      It doesn’t matter if it’s true. It’s ugly to discuss it. That is respectability simplified. It’s much better to talk about how much we have in common, to speak about how we can unite and make the world a better place. And the moderates have plenty of ideas in that regard. All of them involve accepting their premise of what the world’s problems are and how they can be improved by a series of proposals that would culminate with mass tyranny and murder.”

    • Regular Guy June 22, 2017

      Sounds like you triggered The Liver’s resident snowflake commenter. Yeah, that’s you Kaufie. But then, everything triggers that snowflake.

    • We build real good bombs

    • Kauf Buch seems to have had a hissy fit. I won’t read it as I’d expect a load of poppycock.

    • Rest of the world reaction: “Oh no, something bad happened to us! America, please come save us!!”

    • Well, no BigR. These days many people here in Europe think “Strange. Before the alliance of the willing, led by the US started bombing Afghanistan (for an inexcusable crime committed by mostly Saudi Arabians) and then the Brits and the US-Americans started bombing Iraq for no particular reason (and so on) there were no islamistic terrorists round here. What a coincidence.”.
      Some people surely will have a lot of problems understanding this comment. I condemn terror no matter who the terrorist is and I also think that ’cause and effect’ is an interesting concept.

  4. Kauf Buch June 22, 2017

    SOURCE for the above:

    • Sure, some smug jew with apricot shade glasses who’s quoted by Rush Limbaugh and Fox news knows best about leftists and muslims.
      In reality people like this Greenfield and useful idiots like SchnaufBuch are acting as ISIS’ ministers of foreign affairs. They are helping ISIS with their only true and objective goal: spread aggravation between christians and muslims. Most of those (both christians and muslims) don’t really care about their religion, when they can live in some dignity. Enough to eat, some entertainment, and feeling respected is all a normal human being wants from life. People will only care for “higher purposes” when their life is shitty. Treat people like shit, and they will radicalize and give their stupid fairytale religion way more credit than it deserves. The higher the standard of living and general content, the less religious people will be. Folks like this Greenfield are probably paid to monger hate and lies. People like KaufBruch are just tools, acting for free. So sad.

  5. J. J. Abrams June 22, 2017

    In the two missing panels Picard warns Worf to be on the look out for anti Borg sentiments that can lead to retaliation to Borgs that may have transported onto the ship unawares, and tells Deanna to schedule an Borgran Assimilation study groups so staff may understand the Borg religion and culture better.
    Mean while engineering has just heated up 4 degrees C, just like a Borg ship…

  6. We are the dysgraphic Borg. Your a** will be laminated.

  7. No sharia June 22, 2017

    Time for some backlash

    • Difficult. Many countries with a lot of Muslims living there have basically been reduced to rubble in the past two or three decades anyway. Quite a few terrorists in recent times came from Brussels, Belgium, though. Last time I looked most buildings there were still intact.

    • Kauf Buch June 22, 2017

      Time to drone anteater?
      Ask Putin….

    • Putin is U.S. president now. Trump is just cockold due to his debts. U.S.A. is spitroasted between Putin and Trump.

    • Yeah, sure, Kauf Buch. Just make sure I am not in the US at the time. Would be pretty difficult to explain to the public why Trump gave an order to drone one of his own cities.

  8. Why not just guilt teach the Borgs to not attack? Any other attack prevention method is sexist.

    • No one? Come on, guilt educating the Borgs and forcing them to take mandatory women’s studies to graduate into science will be the best use of resources ever!

    • No sharia June 23, 2017

      Why not drop a MOAB on the kaaba?

  9. Free&FakeAmerican June 22, 2017

    Typical US reaction if the US have no resources interest in the victims country.

  10. Let Assad kill 400,000 of his own people, they’re only muslims. It’s not like anyone cares.

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