Give Them Bread And Circuses



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  1. 100% spot on!

  2. Apparently whoever pieced together this meme together has never been to Vancouver after a hockey game, Boston after a baseball game, London after a football match…

    • Uproar against the referee/opposition’s supporters/noninvolved bystander is part of the circus, but not a revolt against the rich and mighty who leave the masses with bread and circusses.

    • They may not be revolting against their imperial overlords, but they are revolting nonetheless. Apparently against parked cars and coffee shops.

    • I don’t call that a revolt, but vandalism. Usually caused by young men who can’t get any women.

  3. …until are eating and watching

  4. A Fierce, Black Rooster July 18, 2017

    They revolted all the time, it was kind of a problem.

  5. Trumpiracy July 18, 2017

    Give them a Volksempfanger and fake Volksfeind… and they will never revolt…
    Uhm… I mean: Give them Fox News and a fake enemy image… and they will never revolt.

    • You mean, give them welfare and tell non democrats are racists?

    • Trumpiracy July 19, 2017

      Welfare is for Volksschadlinge. And the democrats should be banned. We can govern the USA by ourselves. Real Americans for America. Nobody needs those leftists.

    • Kauf Buch July 20, 2017

      You do a REALLY BAD satire of what you imagine the Right to be.
      You’d be better off starting with something simpler…
      …like knuckledragging, mouthbreathing Leftists.

  6. Wait, we’re supposed to be getting free bread?!

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