Gender Equality



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  1. Yeah, *funny* how equality doesn’t *really* mean EQUALITY equality.

    • Equality means they want to keep women’s privileges while ending men’s privileges, instead of fixing it for both sides.

    • What you discribe are just female counterparts of you two. Kaufy Buch and Heinline. As you have nothing to do with manhood they have nothing to do with feminism.

  2. The same face they make when in a conversation about gender equality you bring up mandatory military draft for males (in my country), or male genital mutilation being allowed for non-medical conditions.

  3. As most women earn less than their male colleagues and partners it’s understandable.

    • If they do the same job and work the same hours then they’ll earn the same amount.

    • You are right. But that isn’t the case. That’s what all this is about.

    • Thats because women work different jobs, that earn different amounts. If they wanna earn more then they have to work higher paying jobs, like manual labor jobs or ones in worse conditions (Trash collectors or sewage workers). Both pretty high paying jobs that little to no woman do. Women also tend to work part time, so thats another reason why they earn less on average. If women wanna earn the same then they gotta work the same jobs, not hand picked luxury jobs.

    • Women don’t get the high paying jobs because they are excluded by men. They are constantly blocked and discouraged if they try to enter the domain of high payed mens’ jobs. You are blaming the victim for being victimized. You are really an idiot.

    • No, everyone is excluded and discouraged. Thats how being a lower dog works, you have to make your way to the top through work just like everyone else. Your idea of special treatment shows you are the idiot, men and women tend to have different preferences regarding interest. Men tend to get the higher jobs because they go into area’s such as computer science and engineering, there is no reason why women can’t go into those areas. Its just very rare for women to be into that sort of stuff, so they don’t go that way. Anyone can achieve anything with work, stop playing victim.

    • There are differnent kinds of exclusion. That’s what makes the inequity. What you call “special treatment” is the equality that is demanded by real, serious feminism. Not that grotesque form that is often showed in the media and… memes.
      The different regards of interest you discribe are mainly induced by “social programming”. They are not biological. As soon as children are born they are confronted with the expectation of their parents and society. – For example though advertizing. The toys they get. Think of the ads in the children programms and other media. Showing the little ones their future role that seems written in stone. Expectations that are the result of programming of the parental generation. It’s a self-preserving system. To say it in a simplified way girls are expected to show interest in dolls, beauty stuff and caring play, boys in cars, other machines and fighting. BUT if a child shows interest in fields of the opposite group the “wrong” behavior is corrected immediatly. Either by removing the toy or even punishment. This happens without ill intend of the parents. They don’t know better in their own limited mindset by having gone through the same process as children. Through this discouragement the children lose or avoid natural interest in fields not expected or allowed. This forms the preferences of interests of what you spoke in an early age.
      Later in school children are confronted with the ongoing role demands. It’s said boys are better at maths, girls better at languages. Which science on a neurological bases already showed is nonsense. Different perfomances of the two groups are caused by previous discouragement, adapting to the forced roles – other words for resignation and lack of confidence – and by expectation of the even programmed teaching staff that can result in non-objective scores
      As we know or society “punishes” men and women who try other fields of interest. If they try to break the code. They are rediculed, demonized, threatend and sometimes killed. Of course nearly “anyone can achive anything with work”. Some just have to work harder or against others. Women are expected to show less aggression and drive for success. If they “misbehave” punishment might follow. Not only from male superiors but also from other women determined to fullfill the demand of roles. As I said it’s a self preserving system. It turns people against themselves and others in a vicious way by fear of punishment and losing status and privileges.

      You have to look deeper into that. Then you will understand. So far you are describing just the misleading surface of the topic. The natural differences of the genders are minor in comparrison of what we have today due to social programming. Our society is a ship with a serious list manned by a crew that is afraid to fall over board if it would straighten up.

      P.S.: I’m no victim. I’m on the privileged side. But at one point the programming and the ideals we are taught seems to begin to collide. At the moment my ideals have the upper hand. But it’s a daily fight not to fall back into the wrong behavior. The lazy way in just keeping things as they are might be the easier one but it doesn’t make it right.

    • Yes, there are different kinds of exclusion. But what makes you think women have it worse than men? Men don’t receive any special treatment that would give them an advantage. Women are the ones constantly receiving re-reinforcement, men are often left to themselves.

      Firstly, there has never been a proven study to show that toys affect future career. Toys determine, a hobby. However, they do not affect how someone does in class. I played card games as a kid, has no link to why I’m becoming a vet. There might be a slight link between it, however this would be insignificant. Most parents would just buy whatever toys there kids would want, it would be the kids choice on what they played with. Not an enforced choice. I had a boy in my primary who played with a Barbie toy, his parents didn’t care and he’s grown up to be a lawyer. Care to explain a link there? How many kids do you think played with trucks as a kid and thought, “Hmm, I wanna be a plumber!” Most people constantly change career thoughts as they grow up and see new things, so what they play with as a kid would have little effect. There might be a link between social groups and toys picked, however no link between toys picked and career. I would say that career choice comes in much later on, till then its just grades that matter.

      As for the school thing, you’re just talking more nonsense. I don’t know if you went to school a million years ago, but that would never be said in any modern school. Actually go to a modern school, women are constantly be enforced that they are just as good at maths and science. Women are constantly encouraged to enter fields of science and maths, men are not. You’re idea that women are constantly being held down by men and other women is a dream. Women have just as many opportunities as men, with the exact same hurdles. Such as studying, extra curricular activities and exams.There is no invisible entity stopping a women from going towards and engineering path, just their own interest. Tell me, whens the last time you saw a poster telling men to go into computer science vs women. Back when I did computer science and engineering, we had 18 poster and 9 were there to directly encourage women into the field (None for men). If a women is interested then she can follow her goal, women on average receive higher grades. Nothing stopping them going down the engineering path, they just don’t want to.

      I will admit, there is a social side that might push people in different direction. However, the idea that these are set in stone is stupid. I’ve met glamour girls who are into fashion shows who worked in the law and disposal industry. In todays modern society there is nothing to stop a women from going into any field, if they truly have passion for it then they would follower that dream. Anyone can go anywhere, if you lack the ability to push past a little social pressure then you shouldn’t be doing a job which demands so much. I’m constantly seeing reinforcement for women to go into the stem field, so what you’re seeing is beyond me.

      P.S. You may not be the victim, but you are playing the victim card. And no, you ideals are the downfall of women. You’re constantly tell women they are the victim, when they are not. It helps put women into the mindset that are constantly being put down, making them play victim. By constantly saying that they can do anything, they’re strong, you’re equal to men, then telling that they’re the victim, then strong, then victim and repeating you’re are gonna cause major issues. Thats one of the reasons why women health issues are peaking, because you’re enforcing women and then bringing them back down repeatedly.

      If you truly care then you would actually enforce that they can take on any task and that they need to work for it, just like men do. Instead if playing the victim card over and over, because it puts people in a bad frame of mind.

    • I think you both are GAY. Get a room!!!

  4. Men and women are not meant to be equals. One should compliment, or enhance the other. This is the way of Nature. Only people who believe they are superior to nature would think otherwise.

  5. Ali Ak Rebar September 7, 2017

    Where is her burka?

  6. I’ve never made the experience depicted above and I always split bills. Probably I dated a classier kind of women.

    • Me too. My wife insisted on splitting the bills. As we both earn the same amount it seems fair.

  7. “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.” – Timothy Francis Leary

  8. DaMan is an anagram of Amanda…
    …just sayin

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