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  1. Didn’t know about this one. Thought you’ll include Paul Ryan. But meh!

  2. I love idiots who try to make their little political “memes” but ALWAYS screw up something. In this case:

    Setting aside the human, the creature at lower right is a vertebrate: a Florida worm lizard. A legless lizard. A reptile. With a spine.

    Idiot who made this, for your expertise with reptiles (“they gots no spine, right?”), I hereby crown you a herp-a-derp-a-tologist.

  3. This is Bulls..t! Bad idea, miserable attitude. Pribably one of those AfD jerks.

  4. Nice explanation!

  5. Please explain

  6. There’s no human in the picture

  7. This page sucks hard.

  8. The mother of all rapefugees

  9. That doesn’t make much sense. Why her? The official reading of what M. did broadly portrays it as a dangerous act not even the German left-wing opposition party Die Linke could get behind.

    And even if you look at what really happened; M. demanded guarantees officials weren’t willing to give and so she chose to handle this fallout instead of the alternative fallout. And quite wisely so. Dealing with a large group of second-class citizens has proved to be hard, but it’s not been remotely as disastrous as the German right wing would like it to be. On the other hand dealing with an even larger group of German-born citizens who are deeply shaped by Rostock-Lichtenhagen and the crass, blatant racism that informed coverage and politics back then – maybe most Germans in their 20s and 30s – that situation would likely have become completely unmanageable.

  10. Kuchbauch. I’m impressed. I wonder why someone of your intelligence is bothering to look at such a crap website.

  11. **** MERKEL!

  12. I’m reading that Merkle will be reelected according to polls, but I heard that here in the states too at the last election.

    Safe spaces may be required.

  13. Good catch, always nice to see expertise interfere with propaganda.

  14. And I thought those conspiracy idiots thought she’s a lizard too.

  15. As always, the Germans don’t get the joke, because they are soulless robots with bad skin.

    Well done.

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