New Shirt For US Tourists



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    • The lunatics have taken over the asylum. The guy in the US is just copying others who did it before him in recent years.

    • Italiano Medio June 7, 2017

      LOL I didn’t know about that T-Shirt.

  1. Time like an ever rolling stream June 3, 2017

    A date for the pic may help frame context.

  2. gobsmacked scientist June 3, 2017

    Sooo…. if you print hand signs for the blind, the blind can see them?

    • What ever you do don’t grab her chest with your eyes closed and claim you are blind and are just reading her shirt. The judge was very specific about that.

    • “… if you print hand signs for the blind…”
      Yeah. Hand signs for “the blind”. Stop and think about that, Chuckles.

    • gobsmacked scientist June 4, 2017

      Sooo… if it is not for the blind, but for people who can see them, then why the **** don’t they read the text?

    • It’s a humorous T-shirt, Chief. The sign language adds to the comedy; it doesn’t have to actually inform anybody. (Although it would inform somebody who understands that sign language but not any of the written languages on the shirt. So it’s actually valid.)

    • Sherlock, a.k.a. gobsmacked scientist, here’s new for you. There are actually some deaf-mute people out there who may be able to understand sign language, but may lack the ability to read texts at the same time.
      The “hand-signs for the blind” are called tactile alphabet. The most common of them is the so-called Baille system. Call me blind, but I can’t see any of those embossed into that shirt.

  3. Developing countries, the ones that polute more nowadays, put a Trojan horse on the agreement where they don’t need to stop polluting if the play the victim card. But Trump is the problem, not China.

    • You know, neither the pic nor any other comment mention pollution or an agreement. Are you constantly winning arguments in your mind against enemies (=everybody else) too, like Kauf Buch?
      Besides, if I am not mistaken, China and the US are top two polluters.

    • @cafcaf
      The per capita pollution in China is way below that of the US and other western countries such as Germany. The growth rates of regenerative energy in China are impressive these days.
      India, who insisted on using coal, have now shelved the planning for new coal power plants as regenerative energy sources have become the cheaper option.

    • Yes, you should burn cow dung for your cooking fire, like in India. Adds a touch of flavor for your dinner.

    • Who exactly is China mainly producing for? Hint: this has something to do with the balance of trade.

  4. True American June 3, 2017

    I ask sorry for no president I’m entitled to choose.

  5. Just Sayin' June 4, 2017

    Recycled from W?

  6. True American Too June 4, 2017

    Sorry for what? El Presidente won the election fair and square so why are you sorry? If your woman didn’t win, perhaps it’s because her party didn’t back a more viable candidate (Bernie might have won, IMO). Stop crying and look forward to the next season.

    • Translation: “It doesn’t matter whether the president is a capable and effective leader who enhances the nation, or an incompetent, buffoonish traitor who makes America a laughing stock. What matters is that my team beat your team, so suck it.”
      Good call, Sparky. You’re a real patriot.

  7. No appology in Russian.

  8. Kauf Buch June 4, 2017

    There go the CUCK LIBTARDERALS again, screeching because a MAN is in the White House. A REAL MAN, a MANLY MAN, my kind of MAN.
    You snowflakes need to leave your fantasy land (you know, this “world” that supposedly exists outside of USA), get jobs, and LOVE THE TRUMP.

  9. It’s interesting this post in the same day of another attack in London

    • Yep. Think about it. How many islamistic motivated attacks were there in the western world BEFORE the USA and their followers decided to attack one Islamic country after another? How many where there, BEFORE hundreds of thousands were killed by Christian people? And the killing hasn’t stopped. Now, two wrongs don’t make a right, but we may as well look at a few causes and not only at the symptoms.

    • Terrorism made in USA

    • Kauf Buch June 4, 2017

      Yep! They’d sell more shirts if they said
      TO anteater
      You dimwit, islam has been at war with everyone else since its inception.
      In YOUR case, I’d wager it’s both IGNORANCE and DENIAL on your part.

    • Moron. Islamists were at war with themselves since the middle ages and contained. Then the Americans came and let them loose.

  10. Best President in decades!

  11. Yes, all Germans and French ought to wear it!!!

    • Yes!!

    • German Machine Gun June 5, 2017

      Why? Mutti is better than ****y grabbing Grandpa. US are a joke now. We can’t take you serious. Lost your leadership of the free world. Such losers. So sad. Period.

    • German president isn’t of much significance. Do your homework, american barbarians.

    • @German Machine Gun: Yes, despite some huge mistakes Mutti Merkel still is a lot better than the Trumpanzee, as is just about any vertebrate on the planet. But she definitely is not the German President. The president of Germany is SPD’s Steinmeier, elected earlier this year. That’s something you really should be aware of, at least if you really are German.

    • German Machine Gun June 5, 2017

      I’m aware of that. But I knew to whom they were refering to. Well, g-spot made it clear. Yet I doubt they care.

    • GMG, No, the US lost leadership of the free world when Obama took over and pissed himself any time someone called him out.

    • German Machine Gun June 5, 2017

      Don’t see why. Obama kept things going. Cared for the people. Trump fails in a row. Only cares for his curtains.

  12. Stupid Yurps couldn’t even take care of Bosnia /Serbia ethnic cleansing in your own back yard; had to have US come over clean up your mess. Now Europe and Mama Merkel have committed suicide by inviting the enemy into your own home. The US will not save you this time. Buy a prayer rug now.

    • German Machine Gun June 5, 2017

      Hahaha!!! US-Airforce called our Tornadoes to make the way clear for US bombers and fighters. Had to take out AA first. “Yurps” did the first strike. Fail, Usonian. So sad.

    • Then why didn’t you finish the job Mr. Lederhosen? Most of the current problems in Europe are still residual fallout from WWI, and the idiotic redrawing of national boundaries.

    • German Machine Gun June 6, 2017

      NATO business. Deal with it or leave. And become russian citizens. Well, Trump is working on that. As we know he was elected by the Kremlin.

  13. Zed Walker June 6, 2017

    It’s not a new shirt. I designed that back during the Obama administration.

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