Solution To Obesity Epidemic



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  1. You know.. this might just work…

  2. Therefore everybody dies young and fit of cancer. Nicotine itself may not be a carcinogen but encourages tumor cell growth. Well done…

    • Bubba and Joe Bob December 18, 2015

      Way to go EUro.. spoil a good example of irony. Ur probably as much fun in a ***** house.

    • Dead people can’t gain any more weight.

    • @Bubba and Joe Bob There is nothing wrong in overthinking a bad idea on the internet. It’s great fun. If you are able to think. Think about it. … Oh, sorry…

    • life encourages tumor cell growth

    • The old man on the mountain December 19, 2015

      First – I think this was meant as a joke.
      Second – it’s actually mainly the smoke, not the nicotine, you get the cancer from.

  3. Because nicotine addiction also makes good-looking womyn work out…

  4. Lazier Than Thou December 18, 2015

    No, then people would just overeat healthy stuff. Vegetables don’t make you skinny, the just don’t contain a lot of calories. Calories are what makes you fat. If people eat 50,000 calories worth of carrots a day, they’re still going to be fat because the calories matter, not the carrots.

    • Yeah and then they’d be banning carrots- couldn’t eat ’em in bars, couldn’t eat ’em within 10 feet of an entrance to a building, etc…

  5. Simpsons already did it…

  6. This might work. Also, Han Solo dies.

  7. There is no such thing as “healthy food”. They are all dead when they become food.

    • The thing about salad veggies tho, they don’t even know they’re dead when they’re being eaten! That’s why vegetarians are more savage than carnivores.

  8. Bubba and Joe Bob December 19, 2015

    Oh, gee EUro, I didn’t mean to cause heartburn. I was just funing ya. Take a deep breath and relax. Part of the trouble with the world is overthinking. Look, how about we go to a *****hous together, my expense. We can both relax and not think at all. Joe Bob can wait in the pickup.

  9. hmm.. nicotine does not cause cancer
    but you know what would work better? – food laced with cocaine

    • MSG is used for this purpose instead. Same addictive potential, less heart attacks!

  10. Nicotine in liquid form can be lethally poisonous if ingested. LD50 of about 10mg per kilo. Therefore more likely to kill skinny people than fat ones. So perhaps not the best suggestion ever.

  11. Anonymous June 9, 2019

    Not everyone eats pet food so not everyone is going to get addicted to rabbit fodder.

  12. Tomatoes already contain high levels of nicoteen.

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