IKEA Has Released a Plush Shark And People Are Losing Their Minds Over It

Blahaj the IKEA’s shark toy is going viral as people put it in various (and often funny) situations, snapping and sharing photos on Instagram. From playing a guitar to reading the morning newspaper, this shark is the star of many scenarios. So, scroll down to see the best examples for yourself.

Shark enjoying some coffee.

Shark brushing the teeth.

Sharks driving in the back seat.

Lazy shark.

Shark's breakfast.

Business sharks.

Shark playing drums.

Shark playing with Autumn leaves.

Shark at work.

Shark reading a book.

Shark eating a cat.

Shark playing a guitar.

IKEA shark putting together IKEA lamp.

Eating a dinner with a shark.

Chilling shark.

Shark using a Mac.

Shark playing computer games.

Romantic wine drinking with a shark.

Shark standing on a bridge.

Shark having a nice dinner.

10 thoughts on “IKEA Has Released a Plush Shark And People Are Losing Their Minds Over It”

  1. This toy shark in many family friendly situations and interactions with stylish furniture makes me feel good about Ikea!

  2. LAND SHARK!!! LAND SHARK!!! Run for your life!

  3. So apparently IKEA has jumped the shark.

  4. A few Blahaj and a ceiling fan = sharknado.

  5. How’s that?

  6. Nice

  7. That’s a strange toy.

  8. Got one today. Cute.

  9. Gamer and drummer shark.

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