Socialism In a Nutshell



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  1. It will never work.

    • No, it won’t. But this cartoon is BS anyway. If there is no work you can’t work hard. Capitalism can’t provide work for all anymore. It has failed as socialism has.
      And not everything capitalist propaganda calls “socialism” is really the thing. Capitalism will always be your enemy as member of the working force. You may keep half (for now) but it will always try to take this from you as well.

    • One correction, Dat: if there is no work, such a government “creates” work for you, which you *must* undertake, for your “benefits” (otherwise: no food, no home, etc) to continue.

      And, NO, Capitalism (even its corrupted version of today) will NEVER be your enemy, ESPECIALLY as compared to the tyranny of *any* version of Marxism in practice, in which you keep NOTHING.

    • capitalism is extremely successful and here to stay.The last try at socialism ( cough cough Venezuela ) ended in tears and deaths as usual.

    • Haha, you stupids really think everyone critizising capitalism is a socialist or marxist? You are blind on both eyes.

    • Except for the Paris Commune, Revolutionary Catalonia, Free Territory of Ukraine, Hungarian Soviet Republic, Marinaleda, Free Socialist Republic of Germany, People’s Republic of Kampuchea, Chile 1970-1973, Shinmin Autonomous Region, Rojava, Yugoslavia, Grenada, Burkina Faso, Seychelles, Zapitista Communities, Revolutionary Hungary, Revolutionary Czechslovakia, Israeli Kibbutz, Co-op movement, etc, etc, etc.

  2. @Dat
    It must suck to be you. Capitalism works just fine for me.

    • True, that! It’s the most embittered, the most greedy and most resentful who are drawn to Marxism (socialism, whose goal is communism), because that system drags down the successful to make everyone (except the “leaders”…ahem) equally poor.

    • There are major differences between Socialism, Marxism, Communism and Fascism and it is frustrating when knuckle-dragging right wing know-it-alls conflate them all as the same thing. The most critical mistake is the concept of “free stuff”. Those things that Socialism advocates that should be provided to the common, such as health care, transportation infrastructure and the like, aren’t given away, they are funded by a taxation on all and then provided to all equally. There is no system of economics where no work = free stuff. This myth is perpetuated by those who lack the education to understand and research things for themselves and instead rely on the opinion of some knuckle-dragger in a tie on some fringe newscast. Read a damn book for Christ’s sake!

    • @JN Does it? Good for you. You are fake. And who tells you it doesn’t do for me? You don’t have to be a socialist for more social views than the american capitalism.
      Yet the nuances are often to fine for your crude minds. You only see black and white. Inflexible.

    • Socialism is working wonderfully for me. Have job, paid off house, affordable healthcare. I’m not really sure why you people are clinging so determinedly to the third world status capitalism is driving your nation towards. Freedom? Heh! If that’s your idea of freedom, you can have it. I am free to go where I want, free to criticize my government, free to change jobs, free to marry a person of my same gender should I wish to. They only things I’m not free to do are to foment hatred, carry a gun to the grocery store because I’m a stinking coward, or commit a crime. And I’m okay with that.

  3. You guys at eatliver have a silly idea of what socialism is.

    • You socialists are in PERMANENT DENIAL of the fact that MARXISM, wherever practiced on this Earth, HAS ALWAYS FAILED.

      So, *spare* us the “it’s never really been tried” nonsense.

    • Who tells you anteater is a socialist when you on the other hand don’t understand what socialism is?

  4. anyone defending socialism is an idiot.

  5. Not adding up December 21, 2017

    If there’s nobody in the “Work Hard Keep Half Line”, there wont be anything in the “Get Free Stuff Line.” It’s like zero minus one is zero. Zed minus 2 is zed. Nothin’ minus nothin’ is nuthin. Ad Infinitum. Numbers don’t lie, I got a GED.

  6. The biggest welfare queens in the world are the biggest US corporations.. They’re also the biggest socialists in the world, fobbing off their losses on the public & privatizing all their profits.

    AT&T is giving each of their 200,000 employees a $1000 bonus since the GOP corporate tax giveaway passed. You’re paying for that.

    • Zelda, translated into English: “Waaahhhh!!!! THEY WORKED for what they have, and now *I* don’t get any of it! I want! I want! I waaaannnntttt!! Gimme!!! I’m ENTITLED!!! Waaah!!”

      Grow up, you lazy-at-everything-but-being-a parasite.

    • Really? AT&T is giving employee bonuses after getting a tax break? Isn’t that the very definition of trickle-down economics that liberals say does not happen?

    • It’s only a crime if others do it.

    • Not adding up December 22, 2017

      Zelda minus nothin’ is zilch.

  7. Innagaddadavida December 21, 2017

    * American school education in a nutshell

  8. but where is capitalism ever put into practice? any capitalist country based on imperialism and hypertrophic army that rules over it? Canada maybe?

  9. I don’t know what to call the “Plan” I work under. I work hard and keep well more than half of wages. It’s true I spend more than half wages on things I need or want, but for the most part it’s my choice. Good system whatever it’s called. So, to all you whiners I say, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” – even if it offends some, most, or all of you.

    • I’m an atheist and I am not offended. I celebrate Christmas. Everything else would be stupid. Take what you can.
      Christmas is fake anyway. It is just the overwritten Jul and Solstice celebration of old. New lord in the house, for now.

  10. Europeans use the door on the left, immigrants use the door on the right.

  11. Comments for this image are on the rise

  12. Long Live capitalism!! You ****** liberals! Most liberals just want to live off the government and smoke pot. They’re not go getters Underachievers. Capitalism allows you to start your own business and become successful go live in Venezuela bitch

  13. Some folk don’t seem to understand socialism at all, but are happy to push their fantasy.

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