We Are All On Twitter and Facebook


17 thoughts on “We Are All On Twitter and Facebook”

  1. Sadly, this is true.

  2. Word!

  3. I do not use any electronic social network. Am I a dinosaur?

  4. Absolutely true… Watch the smartphone and app junkies every morning on the subway :D

  5. That’s why I quit Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google… all of em. And when my contract runs out in december, the iPhone is going to the highest bidder. Some people need stuff like that for work, but for most people it’s nothing but enslavement.

  6. Yes, yes, social media is evil and technology is scary, etc. What a brave statement to make. Nevermind that people used to bury their faces in magazines and newspapers instead of talking to each other. Nothing has changed, and shallow people still try to appear deep with knee-jerk criticisms of what’s popular.

  7. As am I. I don’t have any of that modern social media nonsens. But it’s a fact. We intelligent people will go extinct some day and idiots will rule the world. Facebook & Co. are our asteroid.

  8. There is a difference between journalism and your facebook.

  9. There’s no need to belittle anyone. Nobody is attacking you, nor your way of life. If you wish to be a mindless screen-gawking cog in the marketing machine, go ahead, nobody will stop you. Just keep in mind that your opinions are boring and unenlightened, and they’ll stay that way as long as you keep yourself plugged in. Human beings aren’t born sheep. We let ourselves become that way.

  10. You all going to extinct. Trust me on this.

  11. If the service is free, what is the product being sold?

  12. Really? I’ve never seen ppl bury their faces in the newspaper/magazine while at a restaurant. But fast forward today and they r on their phones taking pics of their food to put on instagram, updating their status on facebook, etc.
    While waiting in the lobby for my dentist check up I saw a couple ppl on their smart phones and none would socialize whereas the small few that read the magazines every now and again would initiate a conversation.
    I go to the nightclubs to unwind and I see ppl on their phones taking selfies on the dance floor, watching youtube and updating their status. I ask myself why do they even bother coming out of their houses.

  13. I one time had face schnook. It tasted like a 9 volt battery but cost me 1000 times as much.

  14. I think the artist is not criticising social media, he is saying that we all have very strong desire to be part of a group, urge to be socially accepted and acknowledged. The feeling is as strong as heroin addiction and that’s why we’re attached to our phones.

  15. The end is so funny like omg swag

  16. This story
    Was funny

  17. Social media should be criticized. It is destroying the average persons ability to socialize in a “live” setting and to further develop and maintain healthy inter-personal relationships with an actual physical presence. I stopped using all sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc…Now I just leave random observations in comment boxes on sites like this one…it’s not for any sort of validation…I swear…god, I hope someone responds to my comment…please, please, please, please…

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