The Difference Between Social Activists and Social Justice Warriors

22 thoughts on “The Difference Between Social Activists and Social Justice Warriors”

  1. I only witnessed the behaviour described in the second picture when encountering some vegans. Not all of them, though, are like that.

  2. actually the expectation is that it will be a construction worhout permit, and the beurocrats have it torn down. they win.
    for the second picture i’d expect them to sue the owner of the stairs.

  3. Sad but true…

  4. Yet manspreading is illegal in some metropolitan areas.

  5. Thankfully not where I live. And obviously in no place that I’ve visited either.

  6. You clearly are very sheltered, or have not visited American Leftist neighborhoods in the last 5 years.

  7. For the most part, the ADA requires construction of such ramps, even where it makes NO sense. Ever since the law, most people live with the circumstances of their built environment as it is, yet there are still a few rabid whiners who demand ramp access to landings of stairs (I say this from professional experience). Like language, some people use laws as a tool, others use it as a weapon.

  8. If I ever go into to an area where manspreading is illegal, I will push my hand down my underwear so I can lift up my ballsack so I can sit down comfortably. Hygiene is not so important to SJW’s, so they’ll not mind.

  9. SJWs are mythical creatures that raging assholes use as an excuse to keep being raging ********.

  10. That SJW doesn’t look fat but it’s hard to tell from the pic.

  11. I just had to look up manspreading. Wow. I hate the girls who carry a bag the size of another person and plow you over with it every time they move!

  12. Only the puritan seed of America produces such nonsense.

  13. Trump is very experienced using the law as a weapon. Now he thinks he’s above the law. And it’s the best “above”. True story. So sad.

  14. Google for Big Red SJW, and hope you don’t get cancer.

  15. I’ve enjoyed this site for years but, lately, the repeated right-wing “humor” memes being snuck in among the actual memes are becoming tiresome. If you want to do political crap then make it a political site. Otherwise stay away from that crap.

  16. I agree. Humor sites need to self declare as political humor sites. In addition they should under go a registration process. We also need to make sure ICANN reviews all applicants to make sure registrants are adhering to their registration rules of behavior if registered as a political site. Failure to do so will cause immediate forfeiture of domain name. Further we need armed agents tracking down people doing political humor from naked ip’s and drag their sorry arses off to jail, burn their houses and rape their women… oops sorry, there I go again.

  17. lol, so that bottom pic is actually you.

  18. Kauf, I actually live in an area housing many racists, fascists, reactionaries and so on. The leftists around here are
    a) the ones who actually have jobs and pay taxes, and
    b) the ones who see the world not merely in black-white or good-bad schemes, and
    c) the ones one can have a decent discussion with, that doesn’t end after one sentence, because the other participant said something so stupid that no further discussion makes any sense.
    No, it is not like this everywhere. Yes, there are fascists (and so on) who have jobs, too, but they mostly live from tax-payer money and do nothing useful at all. Yes, sometimes there happens to be a conservative person who is able to discuss in a well mannered way.

  19. ‘R Snare’: Far left/Antifa terrorists considers everything not far left to be right-wing. I’m standing in the middle, and I find these anti alt-left/Soros meme’s hillarious (sorry for the bad pun).
    Everyone, from the middle to the right, are juggling with the meme’s you give us. I’m sorry, but it’s not our fault you give us such low hanging fruit to grab.

  20. some would say: let’s break everybody’s legs and make a fair and equal world.

  21. I’ve never seen this “extreme” social justice type person outside of online places where such a persona could easily be faked.

  22. I have literally never seen ANYONE like this. Ever. These people just don’t exist outside the internet. I guess some people just get angry about being oppressed and Neo-nazi a-holes twist it to make it look like they’re getting “triggered” over nothing. Note to all the people stupid enough to buy this crap, if someone is angry, there’s probably a reason why that goes beyond “wahh, cis white male”.

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