SJW In His Natural Habitat

16 thoughts on “SJW In His Natural Habitat”

  1. How DARE you assume XIS gender!!!

  2. I just realized why this site is called EatLiver. It’s because it’s run by the sort of angry old white men who hate everyone who isn’t an angry old white man but loooooove liver and onions. And Ben Gay.

  3. I feel offended you said i’m white

  4. Maybe you should check the picture three doors down……

  5. Looks like someone is triggered. Happy enough when the site is bashing Trump but when the tables are turned….

  6. “Awwwww” (an extra “w” for the win!)
    has it.

    Leftists are trans-humor.
    “That’s *not* funny!”

  7. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” So, we’re on step 2 now…

  8. We’re on step 3 already. Antifa is fighting us every day =D

  9. Just move to North Korea, Zelda…that’s where your “utopia” lays!
    Gangnam Winning!

  10. Will you don the Burka for me and become the mother of my babies? We will find this Ben Gay who is annoying you and Rattus and throw him off the tallest building my love.

  11. Hon, we skipped step 1 and went directly to step 2 where we’ve stayed ever since.

  12. FYI, KB: Gangnam is in KOR, not PRK.

  13. It’s called “EatLiver” because it’s frequented by a bunch of drunks.

  14. Wow, I can post without being at home and without any internet connection. LOL

  15. Still more friends than Kauf Buch and Hein.

  16. and, he’s offended that no one is there w him

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