The Timeless Art of Seduction…



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  1. The last one wuz so hilarious!

  2. Sexy Old Timer October 30, 2014

    Oh the Humanity of all those delicious animals.

  3. hey, I'm new here and this may sound crazy October 30, 2014

    But I think american are stupid and funny.

  4. Mildly amusing. Last one was good!

  5. That canguru looks like an 80’s action hero.

  6. To American are stupid and funny.
    I say yes, we are just like everyone else
    Love you ;)

  7. Just saying.. November 8, 2014

    If someone would swap these animals with people in the same poses, this album would have another title: Weird pictures from Russian dating sites

  8. I hear that parsnips make wonderful pets, but alas, their life expectancy is the shortest of all the root vegetables. So, if you decide to get one, don’t get too attached and at least think about rescuing one from the pound (produce section).

  9. Proof atheists can be SO intellectually lazy.

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