OCD Nightmares



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  1. Argh… but you can learn tolerance. It’s hard, and exhausting, but you can learn it.

  2. The first one isn’t just an OCD nightmare but you also won’t find the stuff written each lid under it.

    • Snozzlebert Chesterfield July 25, 2015

      Who’s to say that they aren’t the right way round now, and they were the wrong way round when the yellow bit was laid?

    • I forgot “on”. And yeah, they might have changed places more than once.

  3. I haven’t been able to stop washing my hands after reading this thread.

  4. Bubba and Joe Bob July 25, 2015

    Some of them’s a shinny example of our handy work. Joe Bob’s one heck ofa plumber and mason.

  5. Some of these actually HURT!!!


  7. Oh man, I don’t have OCD, but my pulse went way up just looking at some of these.

  8. TheDarkOne July 28, 2015

    the light switch one, Thats the most painful one, my house came like that.

  9. I would rather have ocd than the pigs I c everyday who live like slobs & think nothing of it.

    • im not a dirty slob but absolutely none of these pics bother me, i find them funny ;p

  10. A place 4 everything, & everything n it’s place. I have had more than 1 girlfriend ask me “have y seen my purse,wallet,car keys,cellphone,brush,toothbrush, shoes,frying pan, the dog,the cat, tampons, trashbags, cellphone charger, batteries for the remote control, & don’t get me started on the remote controls.

  11. I HAVE BEEN MARRIED 3 TIMES! Is it me? HA! I found my hammer n the fridge n the lettuce drawer after my future x wife used it 2 hang a picture of a tomato & lettuce n the kitchen

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