This Is Why Proper Spelling Is Important



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  1. Then why do they get mad when I fart?

  2. Unknown origin December 8, 2016

    The teaching of English Language is declining alarmingly in the UK. I’ve even seen Christmas Cards with phrase such as “Your my best friend”. I’ve had young professional people say “Haitch” when describing the letter ‘H’. No one cares. Makes me very sad. I think young people today forget that education is a privilege, not a right.

  3. Bubba and Joe Bob December 8, 2016

    Well, that’s the ex-centricities of English-English spellin’. If ya want to spell “H” phonetical, it is “aich.” Don’t make us haffta come over their and sort you out. BTW, Joe Bob loves haggis.

    • Unknown origin December 9, 2016

      Hello Bubba and Joe Bob – I wondered where you had got to. Anyway, Haggis isn’t from England so nothing to do with the English people.

    • Then why’d you say UK and not England? Haggis = Scotland = UK.

    • @MadHatta:
      Scotland ≠ UK
      Northern Ireland ≠ UK
      UK = England + Wales
      Deal with it. Better sooner than later.

    • Hey Highlander – Scotland and Northern Ireland are indeed part of the UK. UK is England + Wales + Scotland + N. Ireland.
      I read it on the internet so it HAS to be true.

    • Thanks for the info. Great site!
      But I was talking about near future, when Scotland secedes from UK. Soon Northern Ireland will follow. And then UK will be a great super kingdom of England and Wales, aka “Half of an island”.

  4. The Logic Psycho December 8, 2016

    But why only colon(cologne) ?
    Other things can be misspelled, right?
    is it some sorta new trend going on?

    • Your write. Their stew pid cents its not under lined buy spellcheque.

    • The Logic Psycho December 9, 2016

      There knot under lende sow it mast bee core act, thuh spellcheque ish all ways rite!

    • It’s not a new trend. Some of the tweets go back to 2013. I saw this colon compilation ages ago, this summer.
      Also, mildly related, Fishbone has a song named “Warmth of your breath”, which was released in -93. The chorus on that song goes “May your dog’s colon be familiar with the warmth of your breath”. So at least from -93 people have been curious about colons.

  5. Italiano Medio December 8, 2016

    They cannot be all real, come on…

  6. Connie Linguist December 9, 2016

    I don’t know what my boyfriend was wearing,but it smelled like ass.

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