We Try to Teach Our Kids But Sometimes They Teach Us



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  1. Prince Leo May 10, 2017

    So Obama killed an innocent man?

  2. One word: Stupid

    • yeah, gwb would have never been able to plan that. outsource it to Halliburton?! hmmm.

  3. Kauf Buch May 10, 2017

    DESPERATION of the Left.
    The Left is in a DEATH SPIRAL.
    Facts, logic and reason will carry the day.
    be they “Democrats”, “Progressives”, “Liberals”, “Socialists”, “Democratic Socialists”, “Communists”, “Fascists”, or “Nazis”…ALL THEY WANT IS CONTROL OVER YOU.

  4. He Kauf and downy. A little butthurt are you? Just a couple of snowflakes.
    The real death spiral just started spinning faster when the Snowflake In Chief fired the guy who is investigating him and then suggests that one of his own head the investigation. It’s pure treason.

    • Some Other Guy May 11, 2017

      Clinton fired the FBI Director in ’93 when he was being investigated for Travelgate and Whitewater. Take your fake outrage and go to your Mom’s basement.

    • Now, now, SOG, facts have no place here…….

    • Truthhunter May 11, 2017

      Crooked Trump is crooked.

  5. I really wish i knew somebody with small kids right now, imagine the parents face if you did this without them knowing:) The possibliities are endless, “jesus lives”, satan lives”, make america great again”, literally anything would freak them out on a “i need to tell jerry sprnger about this!” level.

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