Small Talk: Dos And Don’ts


19 thoughts on “Small Talk: Dos And Don’ts”

  1. Heh! I DO whisper “shut the **** up” to myself when most people are talking.

  2. I punch everyone small talking to me

  3. I am married but at the rate my marriage is going , i am going to have to consider women.

  4. FOR YOUR INFORMATION DULLARDS: i have tried women they don’t feel right so i went back to men

  5. I just want to point out the whole point of beauty pageants is to have the contestants’ looks judged by other, usually less attractive people.

  6. Lol anti Rattus comments still going strong

  7. Im sure

  8. And also when people are posting.

  9. For what it’s worth, Boyodd is not me so either the subnormal is confused, or they’re branching out with their poor quality harrassment.

  10. Let’s troll on non personal things please.
    After all, this is a site to laugh only.

  11. I think your replying to the wrong person

  12. How about stop damn trolling I can’t even comment without seeing my name in so many iterations

  13. I didn’t write that stupid moronic damn trolls
    Rattus if you see anything even remotely against you or any member on this site it’s not me!

  14. I was actually just letting you know that the Boyodd one had nothing to do with me. Some posts back someone indicated that they thought that was one of my names – it is not. I know that you keep a civil, not to mention sane, tone.

  15. Hey Rattus i think you should scan the site for an old alias or a plethora of them, confuse the hell out of them, don’t let their mental ab normalcy cause you a problem anyways im out now so any comment with my name isn’t me . see ya…

  16. Thanks, But i can probably guess by your comments its you.Hope this troll phase wears down Hein you too , at least take it down a notch.

  17. @Rattus
    BTW i didn’t mean to say you are Boyodd sorry my sentence was typed incorrectly . My typing goes a bit off when im irritated.

  18. I changed my mind. Let all keep trolling forever.

  19. doesn’t matter, all of you suck.

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