What If Slogans Told The Truth?




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  1. A Question of Sport July 4, 2014

    It took me a day but I thought of one… Eatliver: reddit for people who don’t like cats.

    • I Hate Cat Pictures July 4, 2014

      If I see one more cat picture here, I am going to scream! I’d rather see a picture of a Russian dude’s carpet.

    • cat picture

  2. I pooped today!

  3. I don’t like Coke. Too sugary. I like Pepsi, but not diet pepsi.

  4. Pepsi is gorgeous, Coke tastes like liquefied chicken fat.

    • Pepsi tastes like liquefied chicken fat during the decomposition process.

    • Pepsi tastes like cola. Coke tastes like cola. RC tastes like good cola.

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