Ever Wonder How Sliced Bread Was Invented?

It actually happened in ancient Rome. The conversation went something like this: "Look what I invented. That's the best thing since ripped up bread!"

9 thoughts on “Ever Wonder How Sliced Bread Was Invented?”

  1. If you google “when was sliced bread available” it will give
    you the information needed.
    I was surprised how recent sliced bread is.

  2. I was surprised by how asinine your post was.

  3. Betty white was actually older than sliced bread

  4. That’s not bread. That’s toast.

  5. What? Contribute or STFU.

  6. Visit us and eat real bread or STFU.

  7. You surprise easily, arsehole!

  8. DARPA set up distributed communication networks precisely to spread this kind of insight.

  9. A bread to our new Sovereign, Karl F-111, and eternal friendship with Slovakia

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