Husband Creates a Gallery of All The Fun Road Trips He Took With His Wife

15 thoughts on “Husband Creates a Gallery of All The Fun Road Trips He Took With His Wife”

  1. He should be watching the road

  2. Well she is good company…

  3. Better than her moaning all of the time, I guess.

  4. He needs to find a tow truck towing a trailer-less tractor-trailer backwards, tailgate until the windshield is full of giant truck grill, scream like a little girl, if safe, slam on brakes when she wakes. Film of said prank between 2 bros exists somewhere.

  5. Every prosecutor should be happy for this well documented evidence.

  6. Tolerance is directly proportional to the size of your wife’s tata’s.

  7. Groping season is OPEN!

  8. I think you may have a problem there if you can’t look at a sleeping woman without thinking about groping her… check #metoo to see if you get a mention.

  9. She’s got great b00bs, who cares if she doesn’t talk

  10. You should be proud: she trusts your driving!

  11. Why would she want to talk to a moron who plays with his phone while driving?

  12. …and you reward her trust by taking pictures of her when she’s asleep (when you should be driving)…AND THEN POSTING THEM!

  13. I wish my wife would sleep while I’m driving, it would save me from wanting to drive off a cliff.

  14. Any projections on how long this marriage will last…

  15. holy crap! how long was that car ride?

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