Typical Facebook Social Justice Warrior

13 thoughts on “Typical Facebook Social Justice Warrior”

  1. There are a lot of chinese individuals. But less specimen of endangered species. So who cares about some chinese kids? Not even the chinese do. Chinese people are not endangered. Animals are ’cause they get eaten or pulverized by the chinese.

  2. At least they are not pulverised by macbooks.

  3. and you’re an idiot.

  4. The irony bit you right in the but. Ouch.

  5. I think there is enough care in the world for people to want animals protected AND child labour and slavery to be abolished.

  6. The way we unnecessarily mistreat animals is wrong.
    Not caring about child labor is wrong.
    So, if I’m using a computer made in China, like just about everyone else, am I just not allowed to care about either of those?
    As a matter of fact, if I am not a full member of an anti child labor campaign, am I just a vapid and irrational SJW if I advocate for changes in anything?
    Nihilism is not skepticism.

  7. Trump promotes child labor in the U.S. to stabilize the economy.
    Depending on the jobs of their parents they might be banned to attend highschool or university. I have two kids that were supposed to go to highschool soon. But now that is uncertain… This ain’t funny anymore.
    I wanted to vote but my boss forbid me to leave my office. He’s a hardcore republican and militia leader. The whole place was wallpaperd with Trump banners.

  8. Cool story bro

  9. Promotes child labor? Banned from high school? You are a moron.

  10. Sir, step away from the crack pipe!

  11. Please try to be honest when you complain. If you were legal to vote your boss can’t stop you. If you’re kids can’t go to high school is it because they are illegal? I call BS

  12. Do you always think a lot of Chinese kids are employeed in the manufacturing? How often? 99% of the workers in the plants are high school dropouts and they are more than 16 years old. If they will, they can go to technical schools or training center under government’s support. You know, we always got someone who don’t like to read the contents between covers of books. Now China’s university and technical school are big enough to accept every single right-aged students.
    In October, one of my friends were on a cruise trip and in the bars and swimming pools, she was frequently demanded to show her ID card to prove she’s not a kid. She looks like a teenager. And she’s more than 30 years old and married and had her own kid in the primary school.
    I believe you always mistaken with skinny or petite Chinese as “child” or “kid”. Before you post a criticism about Chinese child labor, think twice.

  13. pets the dog/cat, eats the cow
    disapproves rape, agrees with artificial insemination of farm animals
    disapproves necropedophagia, eats small calves and other little animals
    disapproves thievery, steals milk from the cow
    feels disgust for shit, eats bee vomit or animal suppurations
    yeah. you beat us.

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