That Moment When…



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  1. Flossy McHookerpants October 13, 2017

    Also could have went with when “women and children” are migrating.

  2. “the” Facebook?

  3. Marriages are arranged in India. Grab the wire! Grab the wire!

  4. Oh my bad, i didn’t know you were a social justice warrior who can look at a article with only male “refugees” in it without getting the point about the MISSING women and children, but just move directly on to complaining about the messenger, (who quoted UNHCR) like always.
    You people are seriously insane, and i don’t mean that as a funny joke or an insult. You’re insane.

  5. It’s the “Chennai Express”!!!

    • It was an answer to “T” further up, i’m not talking about the choo choo express in the picture.

  6. The guy in the red shirt sitting on the front is the coolest guy in india!

  7. Jason McStation October 15, 2017

    Where’s Wally?

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