How People Shower Around The World

11 thoughts on “How People Shower Around The World”

  1. Good job there, “Californian’s”.

  2. Some people don’t shower, they just pour on more cologne to cover up the goat stench.

  3. I was expecting “Russian people” and “Vodka”.

  4. Like Kauf Buch. There is no clean water to shower in the swamp.

  5. Actually…to me at least…genuinely funny! Well done.

  6. How do Germans shower?
    Just like you Dummkopf!
    First we turn on zee vata and zen we use zee Seife so we can all: Du riechst so gut!

  7. Good old Donald likes his showers golden.

  8. We shower in the tears of our enemies.

  9. *blood and tears

  10. *Beep beep* grammar nazi detected

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