How People Shower Around The World



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  1. Good job there, “Californian’s”.

  2. No sharia June 19, 2017

    Some people don’t shower, they just pour on more cologne to cover up the goat stench.

  3. Vitruvius June 19, 2017

    Looks like a shower is the only thing that Americans like to share:
    Ad is 50 years old, but the showers were popular enough to survive until today:

  4. I was expecting “Russian people” and “Vodka”.

  5. McViticus June 19, 2017

    Actually…to me at least…genuinely funny! Well done.

  6. Mightytall June 19, 2017

    How do Germans shower?
    Just like you Dummkopf!
    First we turn on zee vata and zen we use zee Seife so we can all: Du riechst so gut!

  7. Good old Donald likes his showers golden.

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