Know The Girl On The Right? I Have Something To Show You, Guys…

16 thoughts on “Know The Girl On The Right? I Have Something To Show You, Guys…”

  1. No wonder her boyfriend looks for someone else. Such a drama queen.

  2. Perfect facial muscle memory position.

  3. With a little photoshop, one could turn all of these into…

  4. I’m even more shocked she got suckered doing stock photos because they pay sh*it and now no one will hire her. 😂

  5. The thing I always thought odd about that “guy ignores Girlfriend to check out Other Girl” meme:

    Girlfriend is better looking than Other Girl.

  6. She’s now known in the industry as the “shocked face girl”. Its now the only job she can get.

  7. Look closely. I think she’s BOTH girls in the first picture. Cheaper to hire one model, blur one pic and photoshop, huh?

  8. My word! The possibilities… :)

  9. Nice one.

  10. Outstanding!

  11. Stock photos with added Eatliver watermarks.

  12. Wow, eatliver deletes comments now? Now i can’t wait for EU’s article 13.

  13. I think if she put that meme on her CV I’d hire her! It’s brilliant work – all these shocked photos are probably the same photographer yet she never has a look of contempt. I like her.

  14. Odd enough, the first pic is the least-shocked I’ve seen her

  15. Pretty sure its the same guy too!

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