Know The Girl On The Right? I Have Something To Show You, Guys…



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  1. E.A. Presley June 27, 2018

    No wonder her boyfriend looks for someone else. Such a drama queen.

  2. McViticus June 27, 2018

    Perfect facial muscle memory position.

  3. Ps I love you June 27, 2018

    With a little photoshop, one could turn all of these into…

  4. I’m even more shocked she got suckered doing stock photos because they pay sh*it and now no one will hire her. 😂

  5. The thing I always thought odd about that “guy ignores Girlfriend to check out Other Girl” meme:

    Girlfriend is better looking than Other Girl.

  6. She’s now known in the industry as the “shocked face girl”. Its now the only job she can get.

  7. genuinely shocked June 28, 2018

    I think the sauce needs and update

  8. Look closely. I think she’s BOTH girls in the first picture. Cheaper to hire one model, blur one pic and photoshop, huh?

  9. Wow, eatliver deletes comments now? Now i can’t wait for EU’s article 13.

  10. Quirk McQuirk July 13, 2018

    I think if she put that meme on her CV I’d hire her! It’s brilliant work – all these shocked photos are probably the same photographer yet she never has a look of contempt. I like her.

  11. Odd enough, the first pic is the least-shocked I’ve seen her

  12. Pretty sure its the same guy too!

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