Guy Documents His Shirtless Life


11 thoughts on “Guy Documents His Shirtless Life”

  1. is that a vga camera?

  2. He just lives in a very steamy environment.

  3. prob due to the lack of shirt.

  4. I’M BLIND!

  5. He’s shaving his chest shirtless. We must invade to make sure he does not have nukes.

  6. I notice he’s not cooking any bacon in these pictures. Smart move.

  7. Those are the mists of Analon.

  8. Looks like the “Sheriffs” helper in Trailer Park Boys… And i had no idea all of this was possible shirtless….

  9. Guy needs to A) Get a better camera. B) Learn about auto focus. C) Learn about pixel resolution. And D) Put his shirt back on.

  10. quit eating pizza m8 you already fat

  11. I’m in the same kind of shape he is in, but I’m also going to be keeping my shirt off 24 hours a day like he does. Only time I’ll put on a shirt is when I’m at work, any other time I intend to be bare chested 24/7

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