Gallery of Puppies On Their First Days of Work

8 thoughts on “Gallery of Puppies On Their First Days of Work”

  1. PETA will be all over you.

  2. PETA kills puppies and throws them in dumpsters.

  3. P eople E ating T asty A nimals

  4. Oh–ha, ha, ha, oh, ha, oh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, oh, stop–let me catch my breath.
    Please tell me you’ve also got a “There’s room for all of God’s creatures…right next to the gravy” sticker on yer pick-up truck too. (It goes without saying that there’s also a Calvin pissing on the logo of whatever brand yer truck ain’t.)

  5. Aw, fluffy puppies – my only human weakness.

  6. I’d like to feed them with Kauf Buch’s corpse. It’s legal.

  7. @penes – that’s a great idea!

  8. So cute…they are all so cute!!

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