17 thoughts on “Seniors Wearing Vegetation”

  1. Are these the Britts? The Britts are the craziest people. I’m suprised one wasn’t dress as a flamounge.

  2. I can see this catching on, seniors do like gardening. Why not “be” the garden.

  3. I disagree. Russians and Japanese are craziest.

  4. Probably not. The creators`names are Riitta Ikonen (obviously Finnish) and Karoline Hjorth (just as obviously Norwegian). Also, the natural surroundings in the photos look like it should be around there somewhere.

  5. I know all they do is take up space and consume resources, but now they take hard-working Gen-Xers memes too!

  6. What’s the rush? They’ll have plants growing on top of them soon enough.

  7. What in the tree growing **** am I looking at?

  8. They do become the garden fast enough ;)

  9. I don’t blame the artists, nor the subjects. I blame their psychiatrists.

  10. This guys are ex-spetnaz sniper!

  11. Are these morons part of “the greatest generation” Tom Brokaw was yammering all about?

  12. Now that was cruel!

  13. Firstly it’s Brits not Britts – there is only 1 “t” in British – so only 1 “t” in Brit(s). If you’re going to be insulting at least do the research. Which brings me neatly to my second point. What the heck is a “flamounge”?

  14. A flamounge is a sort of pudding, it’s typically pink and rather light.

  15. That’s ‘blancmange’, from the French words for ‘white’ and ‘eat’. We pronounce it ‘bla’ monj’.

  16. And as far as dressing up as a blancmange is concerned, it’s been done on Monty Python’s Flying Circus, in the late ’60s or early ’70s

  17. How can I get these in higher resolution?

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