That Moment When…

5 thoughts on “That Moment When…”

  1. I hate hippos. They are the most dangerous animals on the earth (apart from humans). The ancient Romans used the to slaughter people for fun. They would fill the amphitheatre with water, float boats on it with people in them and Hippos swimming about. Then sink the boats with burning arrows and laugh while the hippos ate the people. Hippos kill more people each year than any other animal on earth including sharks, lions and bears… God I hate hippos!!

  2. …but are they worse than communists?

  3. Even the animal human?

  4. Looks like Moochelle has put on more weight.

  5. It looks much better than Kauf Buch. Also better than Kauf Buch’s butt. Hell, it’s butt looks better than Kauf Buch.

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