Most Germans Own a Second Property

6 thoughts on “Most Germans Own a Second Property”

  1. Yeah, Germany and other countries lend them money ’cause they can’t care for themselves then ask for the debts to be repaid as it was agreed and Greece refuses to pay the money back. Quite like a big scam.
    Greece should be given to Germany as a refund. They will whip it into shape.

  2. Agreed.
    Greece should be excluded from EU.

  3. @ Cristina Garat
    But Germany obviously used that funding raising productivity. Greece’s fundings are “gone”. Spot the difference. Maybe they should cut back their military. Sell some armoured goods. I doubt Turkey will attack Greece anytime soon.

  4. Turkey invaded Greece already, and Greece finaly kicked them out. But I suppose given enough time Turkey will invade Greece again in the guise of isis, wich Erdogan supports as he is the actual caliphate of isis.

  5. Idiots voted OXI. Good thing for Europe. Time to close that money hole. Turkey can have greece.

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