Scumbag World

You just can't win with these people, can you?

19 thoughts on “Scumbag World”

  1. What is that even supposed to be?

  2. It’s funny because it’s true.

  3. As an American you always miss the nuance.

  4. As Eurotrash you want to put nuance where there is none so that you can remain blind to the facts.

  5. You are just primitive brutes. You wouldn’t understand.

  6. OK, EUro. If you are so erudite, explain to the primitive bruites, in great detail, just what is not understood. Step up and prove yourself or STFU.

  7. Grow up. You and the rest of your nasty countrymen.

    U.S = immature inbreds

  8. Have you already found Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction?

  9. @Common: I really like Eurotrash’s response to your question. yccmm’s response is rather indicative as well. They forget that without us nasty immature inbreds they would all be speaking either German or Russian.

  10. That text should be on that picture of the liberal girl with the dreadlocks instead, their illogical temper tantrums does not represent the whole world. (even though they believe so themselves)

  11. @ Common Sense Sez Thanks for proving my point. Well done. Good boy.

  12. By ‘intervene’ do you mean ‘bomb’?

  13. The world complains when the USA doesn’t intervene overseas? Could you perhaps give us an example?

  14. Ummm, Syria, Palestine, Ukraine and more recently Venezuela?

  15. @anonymous sjw: Sometimes you have to speak a language that groups like the islamic state, taliban, al-quida, and so on can understand. I know you left-wingers prefer to import these stoneage psycho killers to the west so you can use them as voters no matter how many people they rape and kill here, but normal people, including the peaceful locals in the cities and villages that the islamic groups have occupied in several countries, actually prefer when the islamist groups gets turned into a fine red powder so they stop raping and killing them and their children. But we all have different priorities i suppose.

  16. Wrong on three out of four counts. And in the fourth one, Syria, you did intervene and we sincerely thank you for removing Assad.

  17. We must read different news. I’ve seen plenty of criticism of the US for not doing more to make a Palestinian state (or even be recognized by the US), the US not doing more as Venezuela grows more chaotic by the day and after Russia took over Crimea the US only sent non lethal aid for years. Crimea has being called the biggest land grab since WW2 with barely a peep out of the US. As for Syria, the US simply can’t decide who they want to fight more.

  18. Logic demands to fight everyone there and repopulate the area with white people.

  19. @Haha, If “some people” = “the world”, then you are right, of course. Some people are always pro-war, and some people love the idea of empires.

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