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  1. Unknown Origin May 3, 2017

    You can do both. Isaac Newton was a devout Christian. Do was Kelvin and Röntgen. Science and belief in God are not mutually exclusive.

    • Lolfosor May 3, 2017

      Yeah, because back then it was too dangerous to claim that you are an atheist.

    • You mention that he was a Christian but you don’t mention that he was an Unitarian. It was far far away from Catholic Church doctrine and who we commonly consider a Christian today.

  2. Simon "The Rock" Peter May 3, 2017

    The scientific method used today was created by a Franciscan friar named Roger Bacon. It’s only those extremist atheist (atheism’s version of the fundamental Christian or militant Muslim) the claim religion and science can’t co-exist.

    • Prince Leo May 3, 2017

      True. I never saw a single religious person deny evolution because it goes against their delusions.

    • @Prince Leo – Come to Poland, you will see 20 million of them.

    • Prince Leo May 3, 2017

      @Pole forgot to mention the sarcasm mode was on. But yeah, pretty much everywhere people deny the obvious to not hurt their delusions.

    • Being that metamorphosis is an all or nothing proposition (either it works right out of the box or it doesn’t work at all), I wonder how the butterfly fits into evolutionary theory.
      And if you think that mankind knows everything about everything, I’m not the one that is deluded.

    • Prince Leo May 3, 2017

      @ED a religioustard detected.
      “I don’t understand evolution but will say it’s BS”

    • Prince Leo May 3, 2017

      “Evolution could so easily be disproved if just a single fossil turned up in the wrong date order. Evolution has passed this test with flying colours.”

    • I’ve got a couple of minutes…tell me everything you don’t know.
      And I’m not a religious person, I just don’t ridicule those that are.

    • Uncle Isis May 4, 2017

      “metamorphosis is an all or nothing proposition” – uhm… nope, it isn’t. This is about the same ignorant “I googled an hour so I’ll join the discussion and tell those “scientists” where they’re wrong” nonsense as the mosquito that couldn’t possibly evolve from its vegan cousin.

    • Atheism is kind of a binary state. What’s an extreme atheist?

    • Unk, you know something the entymologists don’t. You should share your brilliance with the scientific community. Where did you get your doctorate?.

    • I do know that the field is spelled entomology.

  3. McViticus May 3, 2017

    I pray every day, but I’m still not rich and handsome with a massive knob! Why doesn’t god listen to me?

  4. Russel Sprout May 3, 2017

    Isn’t that thelarge hadron collander?

  5. Joe Schmoe from Kokomo May 3, 2017

    String theory has been described as the intersection of science, religion, and philosophy. They are not mutually exclusive. Why wouldn’t meditation and subatomic particles be compatible?

  6. I’m enjoying these doofuses squealing “But a person can be a scientist and religious! Religion and science can coexist!”
    The graphic shown here *doesn’t say otherwise*, nimrods. So settle down.
    What it says is that, of the two, it’s the science that gets stuff done. Which you all *know* is true.
    Newton, Bacon, any famous thinker you can name – they all accomplished miracles through science and zilch through praying.
    Mic dropped. (Oops. Pick it up for me, Yahweh. Okay. Now go sit in the corner.)

  7. Science actually goes a long way in supporting religion, or at least an intelligent creator. Our current understanding of the universe is that it is governed by elaborate, complex and intertwining “laws” and equations. If any of these vary by a fraction of a percent, the universe as we know it does not exist. It is nearly impossible to fathom how such intricacy can happen by sheer accident.

    • Old joke: Biologists believe that equations approximate our reality. Physicists believe reality approximates their equations. Mathematicians are unable to tell the difference.

    • Joe Schmoe May 5, 2017

      1) Irreducible complexity
      2) Cambrian explosion
      3) Lack of evidence in fossil record
      4) Asst’d fakes in attempt to ‘prove’ evolution (Piltdown Man, peppered moth, etc.)
      5) Origin of the Species does a good job describing adaptation, but not so much explaining the actual origin of life.
      Darwinists in 3..2..1

    • Translation: “I don’t understand science, the universe, or much of anything. I’ll just parrot vapid stuff that feels good. PRAISE THE SKY FAIRY!”

  8. Pray you don’t fail freshman science and have to take it again. Srsly, people don’t pray to God to “learn stuff.” Be fair. The meme maker is thinking of the scientific method and scientists trusting in that to try to understand whatever can be understood by mere man this side of the grave.

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