It’s Really Hard To Pick a Side Here…

30 thoughts on “It’s Really Hard To Pick a Side Here…”

  1. I promised jeff to ask: “how many cars and factories were there on earth during the last ice age?” and then add “BOOOM, DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING DIDCHA??”.

  2. What the kraut said. “Juggalos” might have a point here.

  3. I’d rather this was kept a a humor site, and you kept the political BS out of it.

  4. Climate change is real. Man made climate change is a scam. Donate your own money if it makes you feel better, but leave me out.

  5. READ “A Disgrace to the Profession” by Steyn.

  6. I *b*e*l*i*e*v*e* in “Climate Change”©!!!
    I believe it’s called
    AUTUMN and

  7. The times during the earths history with the greatest biodiversity have also been the warmest times.
    If global warming is happening, it’s a good thing.

  8. Awesome idea. Deforestation reduces diversity and warms the planet but the increased warmth from deforestation will help to increase biodiversity. Gotta love evolution.

  9. Where’s the “Jeff is a dumbass who I wouldn’t trust not to kill my plastic houseplants while I’m away” option?

  10. I believed that was simply understood. However, Jeff is to be complimented for exchanging his pickup tire air from summer weight air to winter weight air.

  11. There’s more forest area in the world today than there was 200 years ago.

  12. I am obliged to confess I should sooner live in a society governed by the first two thousand names in the Boston telephone directory than in a society governed by the two thousand faculty members of Harvard University.

  13. I’m sorry, could you please point out the scientists that say the pretty much universally accepted fact of human influence on climate change that is happening right now means that natural climate change never has happened ever? Yeah, BOOM yourself, mofo.

  14. Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens.

  15. @foog: Sure, if you can point out the scientists who are able to explain why it matters if climate change occurs naturally or by human influence if it happens either way.
    Now i don’t like living in smog-filled cities anymore than anybody else which is why i support green energy, but in the long term earth is screwed regardless of how much you cry about it, just like it will come back to life again right after with no trace or damage to it whatsoever in a very short period of time when the last human is gone. Jeff might be the smart one here, ’cause he doesn’t even pretend to make the tiniest difference to any of it. Maybe he don’t know much, but he knows that he doesn’t matter in the big picture, so he enjoys life not thinking about any of it. I wish i was as smart as jeff. He probably gets laid more than you too.

  16. Problem is there won’t be a place for mankind in this “biodiversitiy”.

  17. A book written by an unqualified music critic with bad manners and racist worldview. Why would anyone read that? It’s like Paris Hilton writing a book about rocket science. Incompetence doesn’t make good science.
    I still think you are buying the wrong books.

  18. Right, because there’s a significant chance that the lifeforms that have proven themselves to be the most adaptable in the entire world will die off before all the other creatures.
    Or, you know, we could just turn up the A/C. One or the other.

  19. Dammit, Jeff! Stop making the rest of us look bad!

  20. 100% of doctors agree that a fetus is human yet Liberals deny that abortion is murder.
    Different dogmas different delusions.
    BTW that is no climate scientist in your stock photo. Nice try.

  21. What you may not realize is that Jeff is currently awaiting a bumper crop from his 250 marijuana plants he’s been cultivating in the back 40, can change your transmission and kill a deer from the same toolbox, and has a truck that he’ll use to help you move.

  22. I’m not sure if most of you are human.

  23. Cute. No I imagine you running around in a nice dress with flower print as the first glimps of spring can be catched. Singing.

  24. Excellent point! Its all natural.
    It is just lining pockets with money while these morons drive around in big suvs, and private lears. Total BS!

  25. Thanks for showing your ignorance of Mark Steyn, Good Goosestepper!
    You really ARE the stereotypical brain-dead Leftist: “I win *any* argument by calling someone ‘raaaacist’!!!”

  26. Jeff is a realist he knows for a fact that 24 beers are not enough, it’s 26

  27. Didn’t you die?

  28. Ya one of them doesn’t need a grant to get paid the other is a worker out enjoying life before taxes

  29. If I’d have to pick a side, I’d go with Jeff, becouse he has no benefit from this. The scientists and doctors are paid, and say whatever, people who pay them, want them to say. And who are the people who pay them? People that run electric car factories and that sort of thing. I personaly don’t belive a word coming out of their mouth.

  30. The warming of the earth over time has been measured. There is no debate about the fact that the each warms faster & longer as the years go on. We need to stop the blame, acknowledge the fact and act. Blaming is simply fiddling while Rome burns. Clean energy is better because it’s cleaner than energy from fossil fuels. Why is that not enough ? Renewable energy will be cheaper in the long run, as China has found out. Several European nations have moved successfully away from fossil fuels and enjoy a higher quality of life. Governments need to make huge incentives for energy efficient purchases . People are tired of Politicians who are only concerned about getting elected, reelected and who have no concern about the future generations.

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