Schrödinger’s Cookies


They exist as both cookies and sewing supplies, until you open the can.


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  1. Drunk Dane June 15, 2019

    And that is why I prefer Gammel Dansk over Royal Dansk…..

    • A good choice

    • Fun with Languages June 16, 2019

      “Gammel” means “rotten junk” in German.

    • Harald Blåtand June 18, 2019

      In other news, ‘gammel’ means ‘old’ in danish. Gammel Dansk = Old Danish.

      ‘Royal Dansk’ = “German is an ugly language” / “Danish is the superior scandinavian language”.

      It’s interesting how you can fit so much information into just two words. It’s not possible to do that with drunk swedish og arrogant norwegian. Just saying…

      Best regards, Bluetooth

  2. butt or cookies? June 15, 2019

    the sewing supplies being the more edible of the two… 😝

  3. Anonymous June 17, 2019

    It was our random nail and screw can growing up

  4. spillaman June 19, 2019

    they are made in portugal

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