Faces of Synchronized Swimming

11 thoughts on “Faces of Synchronized Swimming”

  1. And this is why mermaids scare the bejesus out of me.

  2. Still not as scary looking as figure skaters.

  3. The aesthetics behind that sport are still a riddle to me.

  4. They most likely have their mouths open because they’re drawing in a big breath after being under water for quite a while.

  5. picture 13… the face on the swimsuits is almost as scary as the faces the swimmers are making!!

  6. I kept thinking space alien from Prometheus.

  7. Yeah Ronbo, nice try. It looks more that they are trying to suck souls out.

  8. Go, find some not funny sites and bother the people there.

  9. Ridiculousness…meet your Queens.

  10. I think a couple of them are dudes.

  11. Trannies. Yick .

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