Comedian Replies To Internet Scammer, Things Escalate Hilariously

British comedian and book author¬†James Veitch¬†received an intriguing offer from Solomon…

7 thoughts on “Comedian Replies To Internet Scammer, Things Escalate Hilariously”

  1. TL; DR

  2. But it was fun to read.

  3. There is a ted video about this. These pics came from the video.Its a very funny video.

  4. What… wait… Me and J.B. want in on this deal. Us’ll take the hummus stuff. It’ll attract less attention. Jest be sure to ship it in seal-a-meal bags so it don’t leak in the mail.

  5. Maximum postal weight service in most countries is 70 pounds or less.

  6. two hundred year old joke made as a too long fake conversation. Shame on you, author.

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