Sausages or Legs? Can You Tell The Difference?


16 thoughts on “Sausages or Legs? Can You Tell The Difference?”

  1. Yes

  2. Men should shave their legs too. It’s cleaner plus more hygienic.

  3. No. If I did that I would be constantly trying to determine whether if I was looking at my own legs or two sausages.

  4. A lot of Millennial men do shave their entire bodies.
    I find it disturbing, but it’s none of my business.

  5. who cares?

  6. gross.

  7. Total absurd

  8. Women should also shave their head. tbh your long hair is gross. Plus it’s more hygienic to be bald.

  9. cleaner and more hygenic are synonyms. Further, it’s not true. Do you think, that there are some bacteria or virus in the hair? It’s maybe more aesthetic for you, but it has nothing to do with hygiene.

  10. how its more hygienic?

  11. Shaving the legs has absolutely nothing to do with hygiene. It’s just a modern cultural thing. Shaving the head is not a good idea, since it protects your scalp from sun damage. Shorter hair is cleaner though, but if you take good care of it then that’s not an issue.
    Beards are great, like after dinner if you want a snack, you can just suck it out of your beard.
    Googling around it seems shaving your “intimate area” is a bad idea, and is actually unhygienic. Trimmed seems the most hygienic.
    Anyway the cultural thing is showing curves, muscle contours, etc. Hairy legs (or chest with men) obscures that.

  12. My hairy legs act as an early warning system for when insects are crawling on me.

  13. Until we got to that last picture all of them looked good enough to eat!

  14. Yeah, we agree with wh250. Yummy but for the last.

  15. There are no sausages in Santorini (pic.1).

  16. …what kind of BBQ catastrophe led to this question being asked.

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