GTA 5: Saudi Arabia Edition



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  1. What’s going to be leftist excuse for this post?

    • Silence, of course.

    • Don’t know why any leftist should find excuses for what is going on in a right-wing reactionary monarchy that is doing a lot of business with the USA (and other western countries of course) and with the President of the United States of America in particular?

    • Thanks for the answer, @anteater. So that’s the excuse: blame who they make business with, instead of themselves.

    • No, Hein, you misinterpret my comment. I blame their right-wing reactionary monarchy. At the same time I find it truly interesting that those pointing their finger at that country are also those who do most business with them. Reeks of hypocrisy.

    • If “right-wing reactionary monarchy” was a typo for “Islamic theocracy”, you are completely right.

    • And religious nuts are not right-wing and reactionary? Ha, ha.

    • @anteater you mean right-wing are the ones defending Islam in the western world?

    • Or you’ll say right-wing to any religious nut? (I’m an atheist right-wing)

    • No, Hein.

  2. To Trump’s eyes, Saudi Arabia is the best muslim-majority country in the history of the muslim-majority countries, maybe ever

    • Period.
      And Trump is good with periods. His women have the best periods. Grabbing made him a period expert. No other president was so successfull with periods. In the fist 4 months of his reign he found more periods than any other president before him. Total losers. It must be an honor to serve in his legislative period.

    • and per this picture they seem to be really into American cars. Which is not the reality.
      Rich people buy European Premium Cars.
      Poor people buy east asian affordable cars.
      Governments buy tanks and jets from all countries willing to sell them. And they ARE willing.

  3. Haven’t you seen Anita Arkesian’s latest video? This is is called islamophobia. The racist belief that islamists oppress women.

    • The western cultures also oppress women, just on a different level.
      And FWIW, the eastern asian cultures, too.

    • 100 or so (in some cases a lot less) years ago in most western countries, women did not have the right to vote, needed their husband’s permission in order to take a job and it was seen as appropriate to beat one’s wife. Yes, there were no stonings, but it is a bit rich if we (the citizens of western countries) now present ourselves as oh so advanced.

    • Oh no. A 100 years ago western culture was not equal towards women. So let’s defend who is not equal towards women NOW, then we don’t have to mention the obvious: Islam oppresses women NOW, in the present.

    • Western culture isn’t equal to women yet. It’s hell better than islamic culture, but it’s not equal to this day.

    • Hein, you again totally fail to interpret or understand my comment correctly. Please stop twisting my words. If you have problems understanding my and other comments, then ask an adult around you to give you some support.

    • Oh no^2. Someone criticized my statement. I’m gonna play the “you’re twisting my words” card without giving any clue about what’s being twisted, then I don’t have to use logic on the conversation anymore.

    • Hein Blöd, you are not criticising, you are twisting. Well, of course I assume that you are not entirely stupid, but I may be wrong regarding that assumption. If I am wrong, you may actually twist my comments because of a lack of intellectual ability.

  4. Trevor Phillips June 15, 2017

    There is no six star wanted level in GTA V.

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