Satirical Cartoons by John Holcroft




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  1. 2nd- those are politicians right?
    7th left- not understand, I visit doctor for free. I am also grateful for this, it is in part helping me look for work now.
    10th- so that’s why maccas makes you fat.
    15th- well that’s corporatism for you. You should try capitalism, it works a little better.

    • You don’t visit the doctor for free. Someone else is paying for you.

    • 7th left – Here, we don’t have free healthcare. Until recently, if you couldn’t afford insurance, you would pretty much have to declare bankruptcy just to see the doctor. With the rise of affordable health care, it still costs money to see the doc, you just don’t have to sell yourself into slavery to afford it. One of the side effects of applying Capitalism to Health Care.

  2. funny emage

  3. thank you 0bola now gramma can’t afford heat

  4. These were funny

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