Sarcasm Doesn’t Get You Anywhere

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Well it got me to the Sarcasm World Championships in Uruguay in 2018.

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  1. And God said, “Let there be Justin”. And there was Justine. And all was good and pure. Later however there was mass corruption and embarrassing social incidents and ridiculous Government over reach. So the cult of Justine was created. And in the Great Book of Justine Pierre James Trudeau it was written that the mindless followers of Justine must spread hate about the Obviously better country to their south. And so it was done. The book further stated that no matter how ridiculous and corrupt Justine and his minions became no one was permitted to tell the truth about it or repeat the information. So saith Justine. And so it was throughout the lands of Justine. A sad little place who’s number one export was hatred for the good people in the south. Next time we’ll discuss who’s REALLY running Canada. Cause it sure isn’t Justine.

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