Salad Exposed



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  1. Ash Ketchum April 14, 2015

    Dayum! Where’s my tinfoil hat?

  2. successfully complex story that is compleatly stupid in every senence… looks like world is running out of jokes!

    • I don’t know IF I find that story compleatly stupid in every senence , BUT I find it, ‘completely’ stupid in EVERY ‘sense’… so I THINK we FOUND another JOKEr.

    • Wolfofwallstreet December 4, 2016

      sarcasm dimwit

  3. I blame global warming… Or was it cooling today?

  4. Bubba & Joe Bob April 15, 2015

    Wait, there’s a lot of things made out of illuminati – fryin pans fer instants, an car engins. Course them Canadians say it different, it’s “Alluminamum” but still the same metal.

  5. As mad as this is, there is worse. Some people believe the world’s leadership has been taken over by shape-shifting, humanoid lizards. Some people believe the Earth is hollow and the government(‘s) are keeping that from us. Some people believe some powerful entity created the world in 7 days. Some US people believe the UN has an “Agenda 21” designed to push people into underground “hobbit homes” and outlaw golf courses (ignoring the US is one of the major 5 and could veto that if it existed). Wow apparently some people believe the moon isn’t real, apparently us worshipping it for 1000’s of years is irrelevant (Monday = Moon’s day).

    • I understand that you threw Creationism in there to make them seem crazy by association with those other people, but all you’re doing by associating them with hollow earth maniacs and moon worshippers is making Creationists look *less* crazy.
      Please, friend. Think out your arguments. The last thing this world needs is for Creationism to look more reasonable than something else.

  6. Egypt has 6 regions!!

  7. Brilliant. In fact more accurate than most Republican campaign adds. And definitely more useful :)

  8. *plays X-files theme*

  9. FEMA Camp 6 April 19, 2015

    The government has millions of body bags. Millions!

  10. looks like someone was looking to deep to bad you found nothing hey

  11. Who has the time to do all of this?

  12. Alex Jones May 5, 2015

    My goodness, who knew? Tune into tomorrows radio show to here this conspiracy exposed!

  13. its stupid. looks like something Sheldon Cooper would have a field day with though

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