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So... Do you run often? Yes. Out of patience, f**ks, and money.


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  1. So is the convoy actually hurting Canadians or is what we’re hearing in the media BS. They make it sound like people a re starving with no toilet paper. Gotta be lies..

    • It’s only effecting the globalists. You see…
      It began as a ragtag team of Canadian truckers shouting about their disdain for vaccine mandates and the politicians upholding them. They stood shoulder to shoulder in below-freezing temperatures, waving Canada’s flag and using their semis to block bridges and thoroughfares.

      Now, nearly two weeks after the truckers began the blockades that shut portions of Ottawa, the nation’s capital, the patchwork movement orchestrated largely on social media and in online chat groups is expanding globally.

      As the Omicron surge recedes across the U.S. and more states consider lifting mask mandates, similar caravans and blockades — dubbed “Freedom Convoys” — have started to pop up across the globe, threatening to bring city cores to a standstill in parts of the United States, France, New Zealand and Australia.

      In the U.S., the loosely organized effort has bubbled on social media for days, with drivers communicating in Facebook groups and using a hashtag, #TruckersForFreedom2022, to discuss potential routes, including a convoy from California to Washington, D.C.

      Using the Telegram messaging app, drivers have voiced their shared grievances — centered largely, they say, on governmental overreach — and discussed logistical details, such as having food, toiletries and other supplies delivered at various points along the route.

      Some experts have warned that the convoys, which have garnered support from some Republican politicians and right-wing media, could become a harrowing echo of Jan. 6, 2021, when law enforcement proved woefully unprepared for the violent mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol. Many cities, they said, could also grind to a halt with blockades.

      Heightening concerns, some of the protesters have espoused far-right views and displayed swastikas and Confederate flags at rallies.

      “An initial reluctance to enforce the law against these far-right protesters has the potential to lead to disaster,” said Mark Potok, a former senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center. “In both Canada and the United States, these lawless convoys are engaging in tactics that are not only patently illegal but also have a very real potential to escalate into a direct challenge to democracy itself.”

      Several law enforcement sources said a bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security warned hundreds of police agencies that a truck convoy might start in California and travel to Washington, causing traffic disruptions that could potentially target large cities.

      And in recent days, Facebook removed a page promoting the U.S. convoy, alleging that posters had repeatedly violated guidelines in promoting the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon. At the time it was shut down, it had nearly 140,000 supporters.

      In interviews with supportive truckers in the U.S., many said they are not far-right radicals, but believe the government has grown too large and is prone to overreach.

      “We’re tired of the mandates, we’re tired of giving up our rights as free people to do what we want,” said Daniel Koors, an Indiana trucker who plans to join the effort. “That’s what this entire convoy is all about: It’s to bring attention to the government that the American people are tired of being walked upon.”

  2. I seen them first G-man.

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