Historical Portraits, Starring Rowan Atkinson

Made by Rodney Pike.

14 thoughts on “Historical Portraits, Starring Rowan Atkinson”

  1. who is he

  2. A British actor

  3. He is one of the few comedians that can make people laugh at any age. He is best known as Mr. Bean (check Youtube).

  4. Mr. Bean.

  5. Mr.Bean or The Black Adder. He is a comedian that doesn’t talk. He’s pretty funny.

  6. Well done Mr. Rodney Pike!

  7. the Actor who play Yoda in a miniseries of startrek, he was a potion master and also a woman.

  8. Baldrick!!!

  9. Rowan Atkinson

  10. Greatest comedian of 20th Century

  11. Brilliant! Love it

  12. A face only a mother could love….or a well taken care of lady.

  13. lol I love it

  14. Enjoyable Like it

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